The long awaited Rowan Lace Book finally arrives

We have taken delivery of our first batch of Rowan Lace Books and a few lucky folk will be receiving them very soon.  We are hurrying to get them out as quickly as possible. We hope to get the pictures of the patterns up on the website tomorrow, but I can tell you they are as gorgeous as the shades.   6 New Colours of Rowan Fine Lace

Although there does seem to be a bit of confusion on the number of shades of Rowan Lace, we do have all 16 shades in stock.

The book is an exquisitely feminine collection of 14 women’s designs, 7 garments and 7 accessories.  Graceful and perfectly fragile, the collection includes designs by Marie Wallin, Lisa Richardson, Sharon Miller, Amanda Crawford, Jennie Atkinson, Martin Storey for both knitting and crocheting garments, shawls and scarves. 

I am wondering if I have the patience (or time) to knit Cameo (above), so exquisite.  Of course which shade would be another headache – I do love the Vamp red, the Noir black and the Aged teal shades, but I suppose a paler colour for this would make it easier on the eyes when knitting and show the lace pattern more effectively.

Other new arrivals are the revamped Noro Silk Garden Lite, 12 sensational shades with pattern support from Jenny Watson in City Girls, and the new shades in Noro Kogarashi.  

The new seasons yarns and books are still arriving and it is difficult to keep up with them all, so please forgive me if I have missed some out.  When it is quieter (when?) I will try and catch up.


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