Noro Taiyo Shawl

Ever wondered what Noro Taiyo is like knitted? Well the answer is gorgeous! Take a look a this traditional fan and feather shawl knitted by Heike Gittins. taiyo_shawl_b11This yarn is comparable with Noro Silk garden and Noro Kureyon, but comes in 100g balls.
Available in six gorgeous colours:
#7 Pink/Taupe/Black/Grey
#8 Grey/Green/Black
#9 Rust/Pink/Blue
#10 Royal/Fuschia/Teal
#11 Lime/Turquoise/Pink/Orange
#12 Peach/Brown/Green/Yellow

Noro Taiyo is currently only available in the United Kingdom through Stash Fine Yarns and we have sufficient stock to meet all orders for this beautiful shawl from Heike.
The shawl requires four 100g balls and a free pattern is available to accompany all orders.

taiyo_shawl_a21Noro Taiyo is also featured in ‘Noro Flowers‘  Book 4 by Jenny Watson.

A special 10% ‘Bloggers Discount’ is available to all our online customers by simply entering the code ‘Blog Offer’ in to the coupon code box in the checkout cart.

Noro Taiyo is available through our website at

Offer available till 31/5/2009


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