Join us in the Sirdar Knitalong – animals from Noah’s Ark

You may or may not know that Sirdar is currently hosting a Knitalong. If you haven’t come across this term before, a Knitalong is when lots of people all knit the same item at the same time, usually within a set time frame. This may happen in an organised knitting group – often for charity – or you can join in with one online and knit along with other members of a website such as

The Sirdar knitalong involves knitting some of the animals from Noah’s Ark. And of course being Noah’s Ark you have to knit two of each!

One pattern is released each fortnight and you can find these for free on the Sirdar website. Print them off or view them on an appropriate mobile device and you are ready to go.

Patterns 1 and 2 are already available and number 3 is released today – 16th October. The first pattern was for Molly and Mickey a pair of cheeky monkeys. Anne and Lesley knitted one each. Lesley knitted hers with the suggested yarn, Sirdar Baby Bamboo – available from our website – while Anne used an alternative yarn to show that you can use something else if you want to. Our cheeky monkeys made a break for freedom the other day and we found them hanging around in a tree outside the shop……………..

Pattern 2 is for Eddie and Ellie Elephant. Lesley again is knitting hers in the suggested Sirdar Baby Bamboo, while Anne and Donna have collaborated on the second one using Mirasol Paqua Pura. We haven’t quite finished them yet but here you can see they are coming along nicely………………..

ellie and eddie elephant

So why not have a look at our selection of Baby Bamboo colours, grab your pattern and needles and knit along with us. We’d love to see your animals, why not post them on our Facebook page or on our Ravelry group?

What are we knitting? Part 4

Next to tell us about her project is Donna, who is knitting with some yarn that she dyed herself!  Over to you, Donna:

I’m knitting a cardigan using Sirdar pattern 7187 from the Sirdar Wool Rich Aran book.  I’ve decided to substitute the original yarn for some Debbie Bliss Rialto DK which I’ve dyed myself using madder root (a natural dye) which has given it a semi-solid orangey red colour.  I’m knitting it using my 5mm Knit Pro Symfonie interchangeable circular needles.

Donna's project

We had a sample garment of this pattern in the shop, which I would sometimes borrow when working in the shop in the cooler months and I fell in love with it and thought it would be the perfect match for the yarn I’d dyed myself.

I’m only a short way into the pattern.  I’ve knitted two pattern repeats on the back so far and I’m enjoying it very much.

Sirdar Wool Rich Aran compared to Debbie Bliss Railto DK

The recommended yarn (Sirdar Wool Rich Aran) is quite thin compared to some Aran weight yarns, so I felt that Rialto DK would work quite well as it is quite a plump and bouncy DK yarn (see how they compare in the picture above).

Stitch details

The pattern has a variety of stitches which would keep an intermediate knitter interested, however you do have to pay attention to keep your place in the pattern, so it’s not a project to take to knit group!  Despite the complexity of the pattern, I’m finding that it’s growing quite quickly because of the 5mm needles.

Progress so far....

I’m really looking forward to wearing the cardigan and think that the autumnal colours will really fit the coming seasons!

Thank you Donna!  It’s looking great!

Happy Knitting!

What are we knitting? Part 2

Continuing our series of posts about what we’ve been knitting, this time it’s Les’ turn to share her project!  

So Les, what have you been knitting?  

I’m knitting a jumper with cabled sleeves for my Mum from the Sirdar Giselle pattern 9892 using Louisa Harding Mila.  I decided to substitute Louisa Harding Mila because it was more to my Mum’s taste than the Giselle yarn.  She prefers a solid coloured yarn to a self striping yarn like Giselle, but Mila still has a bit of sparkle to keep it interesting!

Giselle pattern 9892

Even though Mila is an Aran weight yarn, because it has a chainette construction it knits up into a nice, soft, lightweight fabric and goes quite a long way.  It gives brilliant stitch definition over the cable pattern too, I think that being a solid colour it shows the pattern better than the recommended yarn.

It’s such a shame that Louisa Harding Mila is discontinued, (we do still have quite a good selection of it in our sale section, but when it’s gone, it’s gone) as it knits up really nicely for a variety of uses.  Last year I made some fab Christmas decorations in the red (#11/Cracker) and white (#01/White) shades!

Les' Mila Jumper

I changed the pattern a bit, I’m knitting the body in the round to the armholes as I thought it would be neater without a seam.  I’ve had to make the sleeves shorter to fit my Mum, so because I’m knitting fewer rows I’ve worked increases every 8th row instead of every 10th row so I can fit them all in.

Les' Mila jumper

The yarn is nice to work with and it grows quite quickly so it’s quite relaxing to work on.  I’m enjoying the cabling most of all because it sits so nicely.  I’ve just got one more sleeve to do and once I’ve sewn them in that’s it!

Thanks for telling us about your project Les, it’s looking great!

Happy Knitting! 🙂


20% off all full price Sirdar yarns!

We’ve got a great offer for you this week at Stash, until Thursday 11th December you can get 20% off all full price Sirdar and Sirdar Snuggly yarns!  Just enter the code: SIR1312 at the checkout to receive your discount.

So, what to pick?  Here are some ideas for you:

Sirdar Snuggly Baby Crofter

Sirdar Snuggly Baby Crofter is a DK weight yarn which gives a wonderful Fair Isle effect with none of the fuss!  A firm favorite with our customers, it uses the same soft blend of easy care fibres as Sirdar Snuggly DK and is perfect for babies, children or anyone who prefers not to wear wool.  There are plenty of cute patterns for this yarn available here.

Sirdar Ophelia

Sirdar Ophelia is a beautifully soft chunky faux fur effect yarn with just a little sparkle, perfect for adding a little hint of glamour this festive season.  This on trend yarn is available in both rich jewel colours and sophisticated neutrals so there’s a shade for everyone.  You can find patterns for this yarn including this season’s popular fluffy jumpers here.  Ophelia knits up quickly into a lovely fabric with a nice drape and with no mohair it’s suitable for the most sensitive of skins and is easy to care for too!

Sirdar Head Start

Or if you’re looking for a really quick and easy gift why not try Sirdar Head Start?

Head Start

This kit comes with all the yarn and ready made fluffy faux fur pompom you need to make one of these trendy hats, with the simple pattern on the label as well!  You can make of of these hats in a evening so it’d make a great last minute gift.  The kit would make a lovely gift for a knitter as well.

What will you choose?  Whatever you pick, don’t forget to enter the code SIR1312 at the checkout to receive your discount.

Happy Knitting!

New in: Sirdar Autumn/Winter yarns and patterns!

It’s been a busy time for us here at Stash Fine Yarns over the past few weeks, as all the new yarns and patterns for Autumn/Winter 2014/15 arrive.  Every day there seems to be something new and exciting delivered!

The latest new arrivals are from Sirdar.

We have brand new yarns, with books and single patterns to go with them too:

Sirdar Divine, a beautiful self striping DK weight yarn with a mohair style look, made from soft Polyester and Acrylic, perfect if you love the look of mohair yarns, but find you cannot wear them next to your skin.

Sirdar Divine

There are patterns for women and girls in the accompanying book, Divine, and single sheet patterns are available here.

Sirdar Divine Book

Sirdar Wool Rich Aran is a classic wool blend yarn available in traditional and fashion shades, perfect for cosy cabled sweaters and accessories:

Sirdar Wool Rich Aran

Patterns can be found in the Wool Rich Aran book and single patterns are available too.

Wool Rich Aran Book

You can find them here.

Last but not least we have two really fun yarns,

Head Start:

Head Start

… and Heads Up:

Heads Up

These yarn kits would be great for making or giving as gifts and contain everything you need to make an on trend bobble hat, including pattern (printed on the label) and coordinating furry pom-pom!  They’re really quick to make too.

What’s your favourite?

Happy Knitting!

New summer yarns and patterns from Sirdar!

In the mood for summer knitting?

We’ve just had delivery of some lovely new yarns and patterns from Sirdar, Cotton DK and Heart and Sole sock yarn.  Sirdar Cotton DK

Available in ten summery shades, Sirdar Cotton DK is a smooth yarn is made from mercerised cotton to give it a beautiful sheen, perfect for cool and comfortable knits.

Sirdar Cotton DK Sirdar Cotton DK Sirdar Cotton DK

Sirdar Cotton DK Sirdar Cotton DK Sirdar Cotton DK

Sirdar Cotton DK Sirdar Cotton DK Sirdar Cotton DK

Sirdar Cotton DK

Pattern support is available in the new Sirdar Summer Colour booklet and in single patterns too.

Sirdar Summer Colour

For fans of crochet, there is also a book full of lovely crochet patterns for this yarn and single crochet patterns as well including cardigans, tops and accessories.

Sirdar Cotton Crochet

Now on to this lovely new sock yarn:

Sirdar Heart and Sole

Sirdar Heart and Sole is a bright and cheerful self striping 4 ply weight sock yarn available in eight fun shades.

Sirdar Heart and Sole sock yarn Sirdar Heart and Sole sock yarn Sirdar Heart and Sole sock yarn Sirdar Heart and Sole sock yarn Sirdar Heart and Sole sock yarn Sirdar Heart and Sole sock yarn Sirdar Heart and Sole sock yarn Sirdar Heart and Sole sock yarn

One 100g ball makes a lovely pair of striped socks and there is a free sock pattern on the label too!  But why just save this yarn for socks?  It would make lovely gloves or mittens too.

Happy Knitting!