Juniper Moon Farm


A dream to knit with, the yarns from Juniper Moon are deliciously soft and gorgeous! This offer is available until 3rd February, on all shades.  And remember, 10% discount still applies on all orders over £30 until the – end of January 2016!


Moonshine is a 40% Wool, 40% Alpaca, 20% Silk single-spun yarn and it is just a dream to knit with. You’ll love the depth of color and subtle variation the differing blend lends Moonshine

RRP £14.95
Now £10.95


Findley is our lace yarn, 50% Merino 50% Silk, 100% luscious. At nearly 800 yards, you’ll be super happy that it’s in a ball, rather than a hank you have to wind! The yarn is super smooth with a beautiful sheen. It’s soft, doesn’t split and it feel A.MAZ.ING when it’s knitted up
RRP £16.95
Now £11.95

Herriot, named for literature’s favorite veterinarian, is a DK-weight 100% baby alpaca yarn. It’s deliciously soft and utterly gorgeous– you won’t be able to resist it!

RRP £14.95
Now £10.95

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Gorgeous Juniper Moon Yarns are here!

Juniper Moon Farm

It’s arrived! All the way from America, Juniper Moon Farm yarns and patterns are now available at Stash Fine Yarns.

We’ve got three different yarns to choose from,

Moonshine, a soft single ply worsted weight yarn made of alpaca, wool and silk, available in 24 colours from pastels, to deep intense shades and brights.  Patterns for Moonshine are available here.

JMFMoonshine01 JMFMoonshine02 JMFMoonshine03
JMFMoonshine04 JMFMoonshine05 JMFMoonshine06
JMFMoonshine07 JMFMoonshine08 JMFMoonshine09
JMFMoonshine10 JMFMoonshine11 JMFMoonshine12
JMFMoonshine13 JMFMoonshine14 JMFMoonshine15
JMFMoonshine16 JMFMoonshine18 JMFMoonshine19
JMFMoonshine20 JMFMoonshine21 JMFMoonshine22
JMFMoonshine23 JMFMoonshine24 JMFMoonshine25

Herriot, a beautiful worsted weight 100% baby alpaca yarn, available in natural undyed shades and stunning heathered tones.  Patterns for Herriot are available here.

JMFHerriot0001 JMFHerriot0003 JMFHerriot0004 JMFHerriot0005 JMFHerriot0008 JMFHerriot0009
JMFHerriot1002 JMFHerriot1003 JMFHerriot1005 JMFHerriot1007 JMFHerriot1008 JMFHerriot1010 JMFHerriot1011 JMFHerriot1013 JMFHerriot1014 JMFHerriot1015 JMFHerriot1016 JMFHerriot1018 JMFHerriot1019

and last but not least Findley, a delicate lace weight silk and wool yarn in a mix of brights and neutrals.  Patterns for Findley are available here.

JMFFindley02 JMFFindley03 JMFFindley04
JMFFindley07 JMFFindley10 JMFFindley16
JMFFindley19 JMFFindley21 JMFFindley22
JMFFindley23 JMFFindley28 JMFFindley29
JMFFindley30 JMFFindley36 JMFFindley37
JMFFindley38 JMFFindley40 JMFFindley41

We can’t decide which to try first!

Happy Knitting!