Rowan Magazine 50

Rowan Magazine 50 is now available, the pattern selection as always is amazing and there are articles on Shetland Lace and the talented students from the Royal College of Art. As it is the Fiftieth Edition there is also a look at some of the Rowan designers over the years from 1986 when the first Magazine was launched.

The themes of Wildwood, Finesse and Winter Essentials include a wide range of garments, and the trouble will be, as always, which one to start first ( I say ‘start’ as there is always more than one project on the go at a time…)  I am taken with Cindy a classic deep V-necked jumper with detail on the shoulders, in Cashsoft 4ply and Passion, a cabled rollneck jumper in Cocoon. Might wait to see what new shades appear in a few weeks.

The Natural Dye Studio delivery yesterday was as exciting as always with new yarns and colours. We have Scheherazade which is a Baby camel / silk mix, soft and silky in 4 shades.  Also new in is Dazzle HT, available in DK and 4ply which gives a clear stitch definition due to the high twist.

The choice is overwhelming….

The shelves are beginning re-arranged as I type to accomodate all the new Autumn / Winter yarns that should be with us in the next few weeks so keep your eyes open….


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