The Bionic Woman returns to your screen!

Apologies for the lack of entries on the blog this last month or so. I (Helen) have been waiting for a liver and kidney transplant now for over eighteen months and was lucky enough to receive the call to go for a transplant in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Edgebaston, Birmingham in early February. All went well with the operation and I have now been home for just over two weeks. Helen at her desk

I would like to thank the Surgeons, Consultants and nursing staff at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for their expertise and the care which I have received and continue to receive after my transplant. I would also like to send my sincere thanks to the family of the relative they have lost which has given me the opportunity of a new lease of life, the words thank you can never convey my gratitude to you.

I cannot stress how important it is for everyone of us to seriously consider the carrying  of a Donor Card. They change lives……

 I hope to be back at the helm of Celticove/Stash Fine Yarns very soon and wish you all a happy Easter. Love and best wishes to you all.  Helen xxx


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