Debbie Bliss visit to STASH Fine Yarns

PR-Debbie-Bliss300sq-medium_new[1]Thought you might like to know that Debbie Bliss will be coming to the shop for the day on Wednesday 5th September.  She will be showing us her new Autumn/Winter range ( fab again! – was lucky enough to see it recently in Cologne).  She will also be keeping us up to date on current trends and just generally chatting with you lovely people who come along. All are welcome!

Feel free to visit Debbie Bliss’s website here.

Happy woolly thoughts and hugs



2 thoughts on “Debbie Bliss visit to STASH Fine Yarns

  1. Hi Becky
    It was really lovely to see you and your Mum on Saturday. I do hope you are pleased with the colours etc. you decided on. Suppose that you’ve got exams coming up like my two? It’s a miserable time when the weather is so nice and you’ve got to stay indoors and swot!
    I think that you would enjoy the freeform crochet w/shop as I know you are very creative. Don’t you think it’s about time that your Mum picked up the knitting pins and got knitting that jacket!! Only joking Mum!!
    See you soon, Happy days
    Helen x

  2. Hello Helen and the Stash team!
    Ive finally got round to commenting the blog as promised! Been really busy with horrible school work! Did find time to start on the jackety thing that I bought yarn for on Saturday. Many thanks to you lovely people for helping me finally decide on yarn/ colour! Mum is still moaning that Ill never finish her jacket!
    Im quite interested in the freeform crochet workshop (I might have to twist Mum’s arm by knitting a couple more rows of her jacket!) . Hope to see you soon, looking forward to the half-term hols!
    Love Becky xx

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